Colorado The Roy Rogers Show website . Free Roy Rogers western tv show series episodes and free Roy Rogers western movies online no downloading required . Here is another great Roy Rogers western movie online FREE . From 1940

Roy Rogers as Lieutenant Jerry Burke
George “Gabby” Hayes as “Gabby” Whittaker
Pauline Moore as Lylah Sanford
Milburn Stone as Don Burke alias Captain Donald Mason
Maude Eburne as Etta Mae
Arthur Loft as Jim Macklin — Indian Commissioner
Hal Taliaferro as Weaver
Vester Pegg as Henchman Sam Smith
Fred Burns as Sheriff Jeff Harkins
Lloyd Ingraham as Henry Sanford
Iron Eyes Cody as Indian Henchman
Spade Cooley as Henchman
Joseph Crehan as General Ulysses S. Grant

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