The Ranger and the Lady

The Ranger and the Lady The Roy Rogers Show website . Free Roy Rogers western tv show series episodes and free Roy Rogers western movies online no downloading required . Here is another great Roy Rogers western movie online FREE . From 1940

While Sam Houston in in the nation’s capital trying to get Texas into the Union, his aide is trying to impose a self-serving tax on the use of the Santa Fe trail. The lady owner of a wagon train is using the trail, and a Texas Ranger comes to her assistance.
Roy Rogers … Texas Ranger Captain Roy Colt
George ‘Gabby’ Hayes … Texas Ranger Sergeant Gabby
Julie Bishop … Jane Tabor (as Jacqueline Wells)
Harry Woods … Kincaid
Henry Brandon … General Augustus Larue
Noble Johnson … Henchman Lobo
Si Jenks … Freighter Hank Purdy
Ted Mapes … Henchman Kramer
Yakima Canutt … Mack

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