The Lady Killer

The Lady Killer

Full length classic western movies and tv shows. Like this wonderful episode of The Roy Rogers Show . Hosted by Bob and Johniw Terry of Wild West Toys. This episode is titled The Lady Killer . The original air date on this show was September 12 of 1954 . This is episode 1 of season 4 . This is television at its finest . During the golden age of television. TV just didnt get anymore family friendly than Roy Rogers and Dale Evans . There is a lot of reasons they are still so loved today.. You may also want to stop by

The Roy Rogers Television show ran from 1951 – 1957 . With all its leather saddles , cowboy hats , gunbelts , holsters , western boots , guitars , horses , cattle and single action Colt 45 pistols. The Stars are Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Trigger, Pat Brady and Bullet . with Harry Harvey in about half the episodes The Roy Rogers Show is a American Western TV series there were 100 episodes on NBC for six seasons between December 30 of 1951 and June 9 of 1957. Roy Rogers starred as a ranch owner, Dale Evans Rogers as the owner operater of the Eureka Cafe in fictitious Mineral City. Pat Brady was Roys sidekick and Dales cook. Brady’s jeep Nellybelle would often speed away driverless with Pat running after on foot. Of Course The other stars were Trigger – Roy’s Palomino horse and his German Shepherd dog Bullet.

The show was filmed at Samuel Goldwyn Studios. Original sponsors were General Foods, Post Cereals and Jello. The show’s theme song Happy Trails was written by Dale Evans and sung at the end of each episode by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. The Roy Rogers western TV show received an Emmy nomination in 1955 for Best Western , Adventure Series. CBS broadcast reruns for 3½ seasons on Saturday mornings four years after the show was canceled on NBC. Reruns aired in France in 1962 .

Just like in Roy Rogers movies the series shows featured cowboys and cowgirls but worked in modern day things like cars, trucks, buses, boats, telephones, and electric lights . The stars would rescue the weak and helpless from dishonest lawmen, outlaws, claim jumpers, rustlers, and others. The show was aimed at the children audience market. There were Cap gun and holster sets, comic books, play sets, western costumes, Cowboy Hats, Cowboy Boots, toys, bikes, lunch boxes, windup toys, bow and arrow sets and other endorsement items for kids to buy . Here are many of the western tv episodes and western movies to watch for free online .

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